Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger To Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Rita’s Child?!

As we all know Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was adapted from a Japanese TV show (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger). I’ve always had this weird curiosity about what the differences between the two versions were. Recently, I bought the complete series of the Japanese version on DVD and for the first time, I really saw just how different this version is. I’d like to start a series of articles exploring these differences. If you haven’t already guessed, this article will talk about Rita’s son, Cai. Yes, as it turns out, Rita (Bandora) has a son… but not for long… well, it’s kind of a odd story…

As the story goes, Rita’s son Cai (let’s use the American names since that’s probably what we’re all familiar with here) was being chased by a dinosaur, fell of a cliff and died. Rita sold her soul to the devil (cause why not?) in exchange for her son’s life back. Satan grants her wish, and also turns Rita into the witch we now know her as (cause it just makes sense to do so, right?). When Cai returns though, he is no longer Rita’s son, he is now Satan’s son and wants nothing to do with Rita… even though he kinda helps her by manning Rita’s Zord ( but, hey that’s a whole ‘nother story)…

Through the latter part of the series Rita just wants her and Cai to be a family again. Frustrated by everything, she summons Satan again to help her destroy the Earth and the Power Rangers. She has this delusional idea that once that happens, her and her son can be happy once again. Kinda makes you feel bad for Rita just a bit doesn’t it?

But in the end, the Power Rangers kill Cai. Well… Cai did try to destroy them… and he was under Satan’s control so… yea. As Cai returns to Rita he is no longer under Satan’s control and dies in Rita’s arms. As it turns out, Rita showed love for her dying son and because of that she could no longer be a witch. I don’t understand it either, it seems very cut and dry but hey, that’s just how the story goes, I didn’t write it, I’m just explaining it. Megazord (who can apparently talk in the original Japanese version) seals up Rita and her henchmen now that they’re powerless and blasts them off into space.

P.S – Goldar and Scorpina have a child while sealed up in the container. I shit you not. That actually happened.

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